Ways To Lose Weight Fast Sensibly


Seriously, if fad diets worked and all you needed to do to lose weight was to pop fat burning pills or eat and drink the latest metabolic boosting miracle products, it wouldn’t be such a big industry would it? If they worked, then there would be nobody to sell these products to; everyone would be at their ideal, healthy weight wouldn’t they? Obviously, that is not the case, we are constantly bombarded with so many weight loss secrets and new workouts in every form of media on a daily basis, that it proves they are not effective in the long run and in many cases, they can be detrimental to your health.

As I have always thought and I found Mike Geary; Certified Nutrition Specialist and Fitness trainer confirms; a sensible attitude to eating healthy foods that provide you with energy to do effective exercises is the best way to start losing weight safely. If you want to see real, long lasting results and become healthier and stronger as well, then it is time to be honest with yourself and make the commitment to eat wisely and do some sort of work out regularly. Here are some steps that I have taken that have helped me to get great results with weight loss sensibly:

1. Make a commitment to your own health; you deserve to look and feel your best all the time.
2. Take the time to learn about the best nutritional choices you can make to fuel your body and feel energised.
3. Choose a proven work out plan that has varying levels to work through that is flexible enough to be done at home, not just at a gym.
4. Set SMART goals, (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely), document your progress and revise your plan if necessary; to keep motivated.
5. Find someone to train with, it is easier when you are not alone. Also, sign up to an online blog, website or join a forum of like-minded people.

I found that talking to other people about what has worked best for them, whether it is a belly fat diet to create six pack abs, or an exercise plan has helped me to work out what works best for me. If you want to show the world the real you; the best looking, healthier you; then you owe it to yourself to seek ways to lose weight fast sensibly, by making a lifestyle change for the better and finding out how to do so.

Source by Jill A White


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