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No time to exercise? Here is how you can maximize your workout:

Circuit training has many benefits including the ability to get through a workout fairly quickly while targeting all the major muscle groups. It is used extensively by athletes, law enforcement officers and also people who just want to maintain good health and fitness level. The benefits are great – it's easy to do because you do not need a gym, and it is a high-energy workout that combats cardiovascular fitness and resistance training.

The training is set up as different stations arranged in a circle, each station maintaining an exercise and the stations alternating between different muscle groups (hence the name circuit training). Cardio and strength training are both achieved by allowing only a short rest interval between the stations, usually no longer than 60-90 seconds. The rest period between circuits is 1-3 minutes.

Circuit training can also be used by anyone – from top athletes to beginners as they can both work at their own pace. You can significantly improve your cardiovascular fitness level by exercising in short bursts of approximately 60 – 75 seconds each. The short exercises are also great motivators because you know you'll only exercise for 60-75 seconds at a time and the rotational activity is great for burning fat.

Some more benefits of circuit training include:

o It is a complete fitness training program
o Improves your fitness level and endurance
o Improves your health, strength and conditioning
o Helps you feel more energized
o Builds and tones muscles
o Not easy to get bored
o You can do it with friends in a group
o It's proven to be a very efficient way of fitness training
o It targets all three – cardio, strength and fat burning

Try circuit training and see how you like the results you see! Find out why more and more people are turning to circuit training for maximum results. Please contact us at Toronto Fitness Boot Camp for further information on how you can maximize your workout in less time or how you can join a circuit training group in your area.

Please consult your doctor before you start any new exercise program.

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