The Best Way to Train Your Golden Retriever to Stay

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Let's face it, your Golden by nature doesn't want to stay. She always, always wants to be right next to you. So, you have your work cut out for you.

Basically, as you might guess or already know, the stay command instructs your dog to remain still – regardless of where she is. This is the one command that may, indeed, save your dog's life someday, so let's get down to business.

First, place the leash and collar on your friend. Next, perform the "sit" position with her. Now, you'll just transition right into the "stay" command. Using your authoritative boot-camp training voice, tell her to stay. At the same time, raise your hand, palm toward the dog. You're going to look very much like a police officer stopping traffic. Each time your pal rises to stand, give him a sharp "no."

As you feel the leash move, take the slack up on it enough to hold him in place. Repeat this procedure until your pup appears to understand what's going on. At this time, then, you can remove the leash and instruct him to stay again.

Remember: Every time he follows through and obeys you, praise him. Each time he doesn't, give him a stern, strong "no."

After you have a little experience with this command, "test drive" his obedience. Making and maintaining eye contact with your pup, back slowly away from him, all the while repeating the word "stay." During this time also make the appropriate hand gesture.

If Goldie starts to follow, you know what to do. Give her a stern, strong authoritative "stay." If she ignores this, reprimand her. However, when she does stay, lavish her with praise (that's what she really wants from you, after all).

Source by Thomas Stricker


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