How to Lose Weight Fast – The Beginner’s Guide to Weight Loss


If you are new to weight loss and this is your first time trying to fight the pounds then it could never be more simple. The most effective weight loss techniques are plain and simply common sense. If you cut down calories and do some exercise then you will lose weight.

The only problem with this is people don’t want to exercise and want to eat what ever they want. That is why billions of dollars is spent online trying to find the solution that requires no effort. To be honest with you, just dont waste your money on hyped up products when you can lose weight for free.

The following steps will explain how you can lose weight fast and remain slim:

1 – Cut down your calorie intake by 500 each day. If you feel comfortable eating less than that but feel fine then you will have faster results. Don’t starve yourself as that is not healthy.

2 – Eat more frequently and have smaller portions. You must chew your food a lot more to ensure your body can easily digest the food. Your body can then easily get rid of any waste.

3 – Have a piece of fruit between each meal. This will keep you topped up and will ensure you don’t feel hungry and start to snack convenience foods such as crisps.

4 – Cut out all biscuits, crisps and chocolate unless you can find a healthier alternative but eat in moderation. There are low fat products that you can eat but only have around 3 per week to minimise calorie intake.

5 – Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Leave coffee and tea alone, especially sugar. Try energy drinks such as lucozade but only a maximum of two bottles per day. Drink water for rest of day.

6 – Do 30 minutes exercise each and everyday. No need to do a good work out and get a sweat on. You will feel much better when you feel the exercise working and see the results after a few weeks. You can make this fun by using a Wii fit or a fitness DVD.

Now you know how to lose weight fast and without it costing you a penny. If anything you will save money by not buying crisps, biscuits and chocolate. You can achieve what ever you want in life, as long as your willing to fight for it. Dedicate your life to healthy living. You will feel much more alive and confident.

Source by John P Henderson


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