How to Lose Body Fat – 10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast


How to Lose Body Fat - 10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast 7

Do you want to know how to lose body fat? Losing weight doesn’t need to be a chore. It’s a simple matter of eating sensibly and encouraging your body to burn more calories than you consume.

Here Are 10 Easy To Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Be mindful of what you eat, and choose healthy snacks, fill your plate with natural vegetables and pick fruit instead of chocolate or chips.

There is no reason to feel deprived. Just use these simple ways to help you lose 10lbs easily and quickly.

1. Write down everything that passes your lips, with the approximate quantity. It’s very easy to eat mindlessly and you will quickly be able to see where the weaknesses in your diet are. If you want to go one step further, estimate the calories and write them down too.

2. Shake up your routine, and change the type of exercise you do. If you are doing 30 minutes of walking each day your body will quickly get used to it. Mix it up, try adding some jogging, or walking up hills.

3. Stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol is enemy number 1 for people trying to lose weight fast. Alcohol is stacked full of sugar and calories, and gives you no nutritional value. Cut alcohol out of your diet, or save it for special occasions only.

4. Squeeze extra exercise into your day – park an extra block away from work, take the stairs or walk the dog an extra 10 minutes. It of your exercise adds up and this is a great, easy way to lose weight fast.

5. Plan your meals and snacks in advance, this way you won’t be caught out eating take away or junk food instead of healthy foods. Carry a small snack (such as an apple or muesli bar) at all times in case you get hungry between meals. If you grab something when you are feeling hungry you will probably choose a higher calorie food. So be prepared and you will lose weight faster than if you eat randomly.

7. Have at least two servings of fruit every day. This can be for dessert or snacks. Choose fruit that is in season.

8. Add green tea, hot or cold, to your diet. Green tea naturally increases your metabolism and decreases your appetite; it also can keep your cravings under control.

9. Eat slowly. It takes 20 minutes for your body to realize that it is full after eating, so chew slowly and be mindful of your food. Wait 20 minutes before you take seconds or dessert.

10. Join and Online Support Group. Enlist the help of a friend of family member who can help keep you on track, there are plenty of websites that can help you online with counting calories and with fantastic communities.

Remember to always be mindful of the foods that you eat. Don’t deprive yourself of the good things in life but do consider if the foods that you are eating are taking you closer to your goal or pushing it further away. Good luck on your journey.

How to Lose Body Fat - 10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight Fast 7

Source by Tracy Williams


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