A Longing for Truth


Truth is something that we all search for in one way or another. Some of us find it through religion, spirituality or experience, but all the many paths lead to one truth. The ultimate truth is our relationship in relation to God/Spirit. Kabir, a great Sufi poet, refers to God as the Guest inside you and says; “When the Guest is being searched for, it is the intensity of the longing for the Guest that does all the work.” So this longing for truth is everything we need to find it. J. Krishnamurti says; “to truly find out what is truth there must be great love and a deep awareness of man’s relationship to all things – which means that one is not concerned with one’s own progress and achievements.”

The four noble truths, the first teachings of Siddhartha Buddha, deal with suffering. The first noble truth is that suffering is part of being human and the second is that we suffer when we resist change. The third is that suffering ends when you let go of resistance and the fourth is that we can use everything we do, from the moment we are born to our last breath, as a tool to realize our oneness with all living things.

A mantra is a verse, hymn, chant or phrase that holds a special meaning and can elevate ones level of consciousness. A mantra has power because what we think, feel, say and do has power. A well-known mantra that has been around for thousands of years has special power because for thousands of years, people have been repeating these words and using them for a specific purpose. SAT NAM (Saht – Nahm) is one of the most widely used mantras for calling upon truth and awakening the soul. As an exercise, sit in a comfortable position with your spine tall and shoulders melted down your back. Breath deeply and consciously repeating this mantra and focus on its meaning for about 10-15 minutes. You may not receive a revelation but at least you will have taken your mind off the incessant mind chatter that continues to flow day in and day out. Many people will feel more calm and more in tune with what they want after this exercise. Enjoy!

Source by Serra Lynn Smick


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