4 Tips When You Don’t Have Time To Exercise, But Want To Lose Weight


Is it possible to shed extra pounds when you don’t have time to exercise but want to lose weight?

You have the desire to lose weight and see results. Your life is busy and it is difficult find time to workout on a consistent basis. The problem is, you feel feeble as you try to move forward without exercising. It’s like you are drowning in chaos and you can’t find a way out to burn fat cells and get healthier. Sometimes you wonder if you should just give up. After all, is it really possible to burn fat without a rigorous daily workout?

But, it just means that maybe you haven’t tried other methods yet. To be more specific, you haven’t truly put nutritious eating to the test.

Once you know the steps to take when you don’t have time to exercise but want to lose weight, you can move forward with action and succeed to achieve your goals. Did you know that eight percent of successful weight loss depends on eating habits?

Since I was injured while training for a marathon, I was unable to workout for awhile. Sadly, I didn’t do the marathon, but I was stunned that I lost more weight than I had originally intended. I was able to flatten my belly as well as I lost those last stubborn pounds that I have been carrying around for years. I did it all with watching what I ate.

Tips For When You Don’t Have Time To Exercise But Want To Lose Weight

1. Start the day right. Begin the day with lemon tea. Before you eat or drink anything, have some hot lemon tea. Use honey or an artificial sweetener for taste. I use stevia to sweeten my lemon tea. Also use this morning time for yourself by reading your weight loss goals and visualizing yourself accomplishing them.

2. Lower stress levels. Stress can cause weight gain, so make sure you are managing your stress and emotions. Essential oils are a great tool for managing anxiety and helping you to relax. Choose only the best quality for effectiveness.

3. Menu planning. To ensure that you eat healthy meals, take 10 minutes a week and thoughtfully plan out your meals and snacks. This way you know exactly what you are supposed to eat. It also helps to make your grocery list.

4. Pay attention. Focus on eating fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and whole grains.

Source by Shari Carter


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