3 Crucial Things You Need to Know While Crate Training Puppies!

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Crate training puppies is one of the first things you will want to do after buying a new dog. Not only will it allow you to keep your dog out of trouble but also potty train him much faster. Thanks to crates you can take your dog anywhere in the world and he will feel at home providing that you take the cage with you. It is definitely worth crate training puppies and in this article I will share with you some of the most effective crate training tips I know.

Crate Training Puppies Part 1 – Buying The Crate

While crate training puppies it is important to invest in a wire crate as it is much stronger than the plastic one and will resist your dog's biting and chewing activities. Make sure it has a flat floor as well because we want to make it as comfortable as possible. You cannot choose a crate that is too big for your pet because he may end up using one of its corners as a toilet. He has to have enough space to stand and turn around easily but no more. If your dog is going to be much bigger in the future you can purchase a larger crate and use a wire dividers to make it smaller for the time being.

Crate Training Puppies Part 2 – Making The Crate Feel Cozy

Another stage in crate training puppies is to convince your dog that the crate is a great place to be in. You can do that by installing a soft sleeping pad inside and covering it with one of your old t-shirts. Your smell should make the cage seem more familiar. Remember about putting a heavy dish wit water inside as well as a variety of toys so that your dog has something to drink and play with. Put the crate in a place where you spend majority of time because your dog needs to feel your presence in order to sleep well.

Crate Training Puppies Part 3 – Let's Get Him Inside

Last step in crate training puppies is often the hardest one as some dogs are really stubborn and will not want to cooperate. That is why you will use a bit of deceit. Start feeding your pet inside the crate so that he has to adjust to eating inside it. Try to lure him in with a tasty treat or his favorite toy. The moment he lays down pat him on the head and praise cheerfully but don't close the crate yet. You need to wait for a few days first so that your dog can accustom to the feeling associated with staying inside a wire cage.

You can lock him in as soon as he enters the crate confidently in order to get some rest. Leave him for a minute or two but don't come back running if he is whining. You do not want him to think that such behavior will always work on you. Instead wait till he stops and release your pet.

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